Friday, 24 January 2020

Going Contactless

You can't please some people. We went to all the trouble of  implementing Gnarwall's very sensible idea. But he's just as grumpy as he was before.

He's a real banger-on about the Church getting into the 21st century. And he's been going on about if we want to be a proper modern religious fellowship, we ought to be going contactless.

So yeah, fair enough. It might confuse some of the older Beaker People. But if contactless is the way forward, that's fine by me. I can certainly see the advantages. Quicker, frictionless, less of all that awkward fumbling around and embarrassment.

So we've banned the Peace.

(late edit) - if you've enjoyed this joke you might like the cartoon we inadvertently stole it from. Or maybe even Dave Walker's book, Revenge of the Flower Arrangers, which contains the cartoon with this joke in it) 

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