Monday, 13 January 2020

The Preacher in the Mask

Well done to Charlii, whose suggestion - that we steal a TV show concept and apply it to a preaching contest, in the hope of making ourselves vaguely relevant - worked out really well. And congratulations to all our contestants, who were such good sports. Although obviously I'm not such a needy has-been as to want to do anything so humiliating myself. So all the people that guessed me - even though I was quite clearly sitting there, not wearing a mask - you were wrong.

A yew tree in Husborne Crawley church yard
Brilliant costume, just one minor problem with "The Oak"

So the final reveals were as follows:

The China Doll - preaching on "Gods, humans and the world - seeing the divine in all creation"" -  Hnaef

The Oak Tree - preaching on "Elven Runes and the Book of Ezekiel" - Young Keith

The Wolf - preaching on "You're all doomed, you miserable sinners" - Drayton Parslow

The Tiger - preaching on "Why Elijah got it wrong about fertility cults" - Stacey Bushes

The Rocking Horse - with "The Parable of the Gold Coins" - Burton Dasset

But the ultimate winner:

The Unicorn - "Jesus is a Snowflake, Vote Republican" - Franklin Graham

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