Friday, 27 March 2020

Brassed Off

These have been hard times for the Beaker Folk. Lockdown in a residential religious community was always going to be tricky. People kept trying to get into the Moot House to "light a quiet tea light", which is why we've had to put Rosebud the Rottweiler in there. Apologies to Brandwen, who hadn't read that particular line on the bulletin. But the good news is she reckons she'll eventually recover without needing to put further strain on the NHS.

And it's been hard work, sterilising the corridors and dropping off parcels and collecting rubbish for the vulnerable. Though please note - throwing what's left of a spaghetti bolognese out of your bedroom window may be effective social distancing, but it's not great news for people working in the cottage garden.

But we've ensured we have worship three times a day, live streamed into all Beaker bedrooms from my study. And the Oak Grove is technically an exercise area so you can quietly say an ancient prayer as you take your daily constitutional, maintaining a minimum interpersonal distance of 4 Beaker cubits.

But I'm afraid we may now have something else to encounter. A weight that may be too much for some to bear.

Hnaef has found the old trumpet he bought in 1992. And he thinks now may be the perfect time to learn to play it.

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  1. How about getting the doily makers to melt down the Paschal candle to make ear plugs for the community?

  2. Just thinking that you might be overdoing the worship. Surely one worship session a day is sufficient, with an opt out clause for those who want to get some sleep or to pursue their hobbies or past times in peace. Bad enough being locked down, literally with bars on the outside of their door, but cruel to hear their tormentor piped into their room, day in, day out?


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