Friday, 3 April 2020

Zoomed Out

Aren't online meetings a brilliant thing!

I mean, in the pre-online days of actually going to meetings, a fair amount of the day would be spent walking between the various locations across the Beaker Community - the Moot House, the Druidical Block, the Stable Suite where we held small-scale worship meetings, the Dining Room and so on. And given I'm part of Druids Together in the South Midlands, I'd quite often be meeting up with the Synod in places as far afield as Bedford, Solihull or Leicester. And that would eat up a lot of driving time.

But now - I've lost all that lost time! From my desk in the Archdruidical Suite, I can Skype, Zoom, Hangouts and Facebook messenger completely without wasteful downtime. I've just got to the end of the tenth online meeting of the day, one after another, and I've only left my chair for assorted necessary functions. I'm just going to post this blog and then it's time for Filling Up of Beakers, which Young Keith will be streaming from the Orchard as definitely-part-of-my-one-allowed-exercise. Then it's Moot, and then we've scheduled a special extra streamed "Howling at the Moon". The advantage of doing this online being that we can even show pictures of the moon when it's cloudy.

I don't know why we didn't all think of this earlier.

I'm feeling a bit tired and depressed recently, though. I don't know why...

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  1. Another great thing abuot online meetings is that there's none ofthat wandering over to somone's ofice and knocking on the door only to discover that they've popped out without leaving a note to say when they'll be back, or rniging them up to make an appointment and being offered a date in 2023. So long as their icon is green on your desktop, you know they are "available". You can summon them to a Teams meeting and they are honour bound to talk to you about that awkward subject that you've been waiting to bring up since 1993.


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