Saturday 18 December 2021

Herod Antipas Announces A New Enquiry

Press release... Galilee, 38AD

There has been a lot of interest in the alleged party that definitely didn't happen in my palaces, at which I didn't get drunk and nobody did a striptease or anything like that.
And in particular there have been allegations that I was implicated in the death of St John the Baptist.

In the light of interest in the fate of the "People's Prophet", in particular stirred up by the gutter press such as St Luke, St Mark, and other members of the so-called "Good Book Project", I am therefore instigating an investigation into what definitely didn't happen.

To this effect I am appointing my step daughter Salome to head up the investigation. As the wife of my cousin, I can guarantee she'll come to the right conclusion.

Herod A. 


  1. Ever late to the party, I believe about 2000 years late, in can confirm that the evidence is only available in writing in the *Good Book" and it is overwhelming in pointing the finger at you. I hope you realise that your death was painful and distressing and that your residence in Hades it to hot to comprehend. In fact, you are toast.

  2. Very sorry, but Salome's police do not do retrospective investigations with you providing the proof


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