Thursday, 23 December 2021

Toby Young Did PPE

Toby Young in full-on bullish mode in the Daily Mail. 

"At Long Last Boris Johnson has placed his faith in the British people, not in the Cassandras in lab coats".

It doesn't seem to have occurred to Toby that scientists don't only produce models of epidemics, they also produce vaccines. 

Toby did PPE. He didn't do life sciences.

In fact, the sorts of people that model epidemics don't need to wear lab coats for the most part, as they use computers to do the modelling. 

Toby Young did PPE. He didn't do computer science. He probably thinks that people programming computers wear lab coats.

Toby has previously told us that the epidemic would fizzle out. The virus would disappear into thin air. He doesn't seem to remember that his previous forecast was useless, and potentially dangerous.

Toby Young did PPE. He didn't do history.

And of course - the comparison with Cassandra is awesome. The whole point about the prophecies of doom that Cassandra came out with is that she was right. Troy was doomed. She was ignored by the Toby Youngs of Troy because they preferred good news stories.

Toby Young did PPE. He didn't do Classics.

I feel we have reached the point where we have to ask - apart from being supremely pleased with himself, what is the point of Toby Young? Like wasps, he appears to have no good function to fulfil on earth.

Actually, wasps kill all sorts of bugs that damage crops. But Toby Young did PPE. He didn't do zoology. So he won't know that.

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  1. You sound a tad annoyed with Toby Young. I'm with you.


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