Sunday, 26 December 2021

Last Sunday of the Year

 Last Sunday of the year.

The really determined have one more Sunday service to go. 

The really sensible have been asleep for an hour or two this afternoon.

20 months of risk assessments, Government advice, Government not-advice, Government information and mis-information. Earnest scientists, vaccine conspiracy theorists and lockdown obsessives.

The people who don't want to leave the house, and the ones that think it's all nothing.

Whoever you are - stewards, wardens, ministers, choristers, organists, Methodists, Catholics or Pentecostals, pew-sitters or Bible-bashers - in God's strength you've done your best. Without being virologists, epidemiologists, biochemists, or bioethicists - you've done your best.

Don't count the numbers. Of course they'll be down. Don't count the Facebook views - they don't count for much. Don't look back two years. Nobody was terrified then. You can't compare anything to anything. 

So don't judge yourself. You've done your best.

You may need to mourn. You my not have done that when you really should have. That's OK.

Give it a few days till you buckle up. We go again in the New Year. 

But meantime, take it easy. You've done your best.

And it's the last Sunday of the year.


  1. I know that we have struggled to get people back into church, but we have taken the view that when people have confidence they can return. Smaller congregations produces a natural social distancing, and we know that many others continue to watch the live streamed service via facebook live and express their gratitude via the comments. And a sign of this is that regular giving has continued from them via setting up standing orders, giving us a survival budget, even allowing us to pay a good proportion of our Share to diocese. Our Chistingle service had over 100, including a high proportion of under 10's and 16's demonstrating numbers comparable to pre-pandemic attendance.

    We lost 12 regular attenders through death, but they are gradually being replaced by new families coming in and signing up for the Parish Electoral Roll.

    We are following a cautious approach, but have restored all regular services suitably risk assessed, social distancing, mask wearing and sanitization after main services by volunteers. Only time will tell, but until all are vaccinated and observing sensible precautions, most churches will still experience lower attendance, which should not worry us, but affirm that we are doing the right thing in encouraging those who still feel vulnerable to stay away, but stay in touch.


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