Friday, 4 February 2011

First Century Gospel Church

Read this article about the Christian parents who shunned medical treatment for their child who died. Read this church website, explaining the Biblical basis of this action.

And then perhaps you'd like to join me in this little incantation:

"Medicine is good.
Medicine is good.
Medicine is good."

Or, if you prefer, join in this little prayer:

"Thank you, God, for giving men and women the skills and commitment to do medical research and create new medicines. Let me never disdain the gifts that you give to act like some kind of prayer warrior to bolster my fragile ego."

And left us reflect. If you could use prayer to heal all illnesses, why would your church need to give you directions for how to drive there? Surely you could just pray for Elijah to drop by and give you a lift on his fiery chariot.

Then finally, if it's what you do, pray for the soul of the child.  God bless him.


  1. Surly we can all agree that *life* is good,.. well, apart from those miserable Gnostics of course...

  2. Life is good. The World is good and beautiful. It's also dangerous and full of nastiness. We have the chance to make thing better, let's do so.


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