Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Daily Mirror's Convincing Proof of Flying Saucers at Stonehenge

The Mirror is excited about the discovery of what appears to be specks of dust on the camera lenses of people at Stonehenge. Sure the camera never lies - but why is it always so out of focus when there's UFOs about?

In 2009, the MOD declassified this picture of a suspected UFO at Stonehenge

The article tells you a lot about what I suppose one could try to call modern journalism. For instance:
"Stonehenge took nearly 1,500 years to build and was believed to be constructed between 3,000 and 2,000 BC."
I mean - how is that even mathematically possible? But I'd really like to quote the last two sentences to you. 
"Although some of the stones featured come from local quarries on Salisbury Plain, others have been traced to the Preseli Hills in Wales nearly 200 miles away.
This has given rise to the theory that it was constructed as a landing area by extra terrestrial beings."
Can you see how any reading of the first sentence could lead on to the second? Why would being made up of Wiltshire sarsens and Prescelli bluestones lead to the conclusion that it was constructed as an aliens' hoverpad?

However if the Mirror's right, there's a horrifying thought. Given nobody in modern times has seen a craft land, they must be stacking. It's gonna be a nasty time when they run out of fuel.


  1. Unless the Welsh are descended from, or maybe even are, extraterrestrials. Think: they don't speak English the same way we do; they sing well and in harmony, even after drinking; their country is liminal, with the sea on one side, and not the sea on the other. The Preseli stones were just a way to move the conversation 200 miles east for a few thousand years.

  2. Far be it from me to defend a Mail journalist, but do I see the heavy hand of a sub-editor here? Could there possibly have been a sentence after "nearly 200 miles away" which read something like "no-one has ever given a convincing demonstration of how these stones could have been transported from Wales to the Plain, and set up, given what we have deduced about the technology available at the time?" It is not unknown for subs to excise great chunks of a journalist's deathless prose in order to make the piece fit the space available.

  3. You cannot fool me, the unidentified disc shaped object in the Mirror's photograph is clearly an Avro Vulcan. I don't know what the big red ring is though.


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