Thursday 11 December 2008

Buncefield (2005)

We felt we should mark this anniversary of the Buncefield explosion with a suitable act of worship.


The order of service for the 9 pm observation of "What the heck was that?"

Introit - "Fire" in A (Brown)

9.05 - Pouring out of Beakers (full of Kerosene)

9.10 - Lighting of the sacred flame

9.15 - Running around like headless chickens

9.20 - A moment of silence, as we reflect that whatever Buncefield did to Hemel Hempstead's house prices, it was nothing compared to what sub-prime trailer parks in the US managed

9.25 - Another, more profound, moment of silence as we remember we had mates who worked there - and give thanks it happened in the middle of the night.

9.30 - Discovery that the sacred flame and the kerosene have unexpectedly got too close together

9.31 - More headless-chicken behaviour, this time in earnest

9.32 - The Blessing - "Rejoice, it could have been much worse".


  1. It is quite clear that the Archdruid has more than just a talent for creative liturgical practice. I believe that the University of Wales at Lampeter offers a MA programme in this field - perhaps this is something for Mother Eileen to consider?


  2. Will the archdruid be publishing a collection of Beaker Liturgies.


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