Monday, 15 December 2008

Pyramid Selling

I don't understand why everyone has got so upset over the Beaker pyramid selling scheme.

In a traditional pyramid selling scheme, you sell shares in your scheme and run away with the money, leaving your customers hoping that they will be able to do the same.
But our scheme is entirely legitimate. For a small donation of £100, you can buy an authentic Beaker pyramid, hand-crafted from traditional styrofoam in a lock-up garage in Elfield Park. So the Community gets £100 (less a small contribution towards administration, styrofoam and the rent of the garage) - and you get a pyramid. Where's the catch in that?
Frankly, if you think £100 is a reasonable price to pay for a triangular lump of plastic that may - or may not* - increase your spiritual awareness, indicate the presence of ley lines, channel the astral plane and sharpen razor blades, then that's your lookout.
The noise you heard in the background may well have sounded like "ker-ching", but that was just your pyramid-enhanced ethereal awareness. Honest.

* Our lawyers have asked us to say.

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