Tuesday, 9 December 2008

In memory of Oliver Postgate

Today's programme is dedicated to the memory of Oliver Postgate.

8am - Choosing of new names: three Folk are choosing their names today, and their options are strictly limited to names from Noggin the Nog.

10am - Berlioz's Requiem - played on the Mouse Organ

12 noon - Building the Iron Chicken

2 pm - Filling-up of Beakers and Pouring-out of Beakers to be conducted entirely in the Clanger language. Swanee whistles will be provided.

4pm - Reverencing of Bagpuss

6pm - Rides on the Ivor the Engine experience. Well, OK, we go down to Ridgmont and get the train to Bletchley and back. Welsh accents compulsory.

Please note that for today, Aspley Heath has been renamed "Pogle's Wood"

Sleep well, Oliver.

Archdruid Noggin.

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