Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The investigation reports back

I'm am pleased to announce that I have completed my investigation into the unfortunate incident in which Drayton was locked in the doily shed for two hours and investigated while Hnaef and his friends went through his personal belongings.
After a thorough and wide-ranging review, I have concluded that Hnaef was wholly responsible for this unfortunate, unwarranted and illegal intrusion into Drayton's affairs. Just because Drayton took an irresponsible and dangerously misguided interest in the affairs of the running of the Beaker Alpaca and Mushroom farm does not justify his mistreatment.
I have therefore regretfully had to sack Hnaef from his role as Arch-Assistant to the Arch-Druid with immediate effect. We cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour.
I hope we can now draw a line under the whole affair.

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  1. I hope the investigation has been both fair and thorough, this type of incident only damages the good name of the Beaker Folk.

    Has Hnaef been banished or merely sacked????


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