Sunday 14 December 2008

Programme In Memory of Kathy Staff

As a strong woman, capable of driving men wild with desire while simultaneously terrifying them through the threat of physical violence and an acid tongue, the character of Nora Batty is a great role model for any young woman contemplating a career as an archdruid.

8 am - Chasing an old man around with a yard brush

10 am - Gossipping and Bickering

12 noon - Wash Day

1 pm - Hanging out the Washing

2 pm - Cream cakes (unless Ivy gets there first)

3pm - Brushing t'yard

4pm - Sitting in a side car looking grumpy

6pm - Suspicion and aggression

8pm - Dragging Wally out of the Pigeon Coop

Dress Code - Wrinkled Stockings

1 comment :

  1. I take it that wrinkled stockings are liturgicaly correct for Archdruids then ?


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