Tuesday 16 July 2019

Morning Worship - a Clarification

Bit of a confusion on this morning's rota. When we advertised "Morning Worship" we meant "worship in the morning".

So Gradnok's unexpected service in honour of the goddess Aurora was a shock. He promises it won't happen again.

On the same theme - can people please note that "Family Worship" is a form of worship suitable to all members of the family. Or possibly about the family of the Church. Or something. Whatever it is, it very definitely is not a chance to deify the concept of the Nuclear family. At least, it probably shouldn't be.

Obviously when we move onto "Modern Worship", that's exactly what we mean.

Now it was kind of Revd Drayton Parslow to come over from his Funambulist Baptist Church the other week and lead a Revival Service. OK, we didn't have a revival. But then he's been holding the same concept in his chapel this last ten years, and it still hasn't happened for him either. Some of those Funambulist Baptists are now so old they keep falling off the tightrope.

And lastly today, let us remember all those who have been ordained in the Church of England over the last few weeks, including several of my friends. We know they will be going out into the world to struggle with structural inequalities and an oppressive system. At least, they will in some parishes. If they try and get involved in the wider community, goodness knows what they'll find out there.

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  1. phew, that's cleared that up then. Can you help me out with what 'even song' involves? ;-)

  2. Once you have tried odd song you will know why you prefer even song,

  3. I like the description that we use of "All Age" worship, which gives the oldies the opportunity to do liturgical dance alongside the 2-10 years olds. Sadly, those over 10 to 16 are a bit sniffy about it saying, "Gran, remember your age" or "Granddad, your long johns are showing". But the middle of the road people (those between the ages quoted above) just sit and clap the antics of their parents or children. They've forgotten the joy of childhood (1st or 2nd) and their forced smiles point out that they're really pained by the whole thing.

    We're considering an innovation, "Family Service" where those middle of the road people with engage in deep theological bible study, that should sort them out.

    In the meantime, the BCP Crowd have asked to move to Common Worship, Order 2, which can include some user friendly words substituted for the really archaic words such as Men in the actual BCP.

    Divided Church? No, just a normal parish.


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