Monday 29 July 2019

Scoville Spirituality

And what a great Spirituality of the Chilli we had yesterday.

The heat of chillies, we are told, triggers a pain reaction. In order to deal with the pain, the body floods the brain with endorphins - giving a kind of spiritual experience. In many respects a similar effect to jogging but without the side-effect of enduring smugness.

And, do you know, it works? That gentle prickle of heat on the tongue, the cooling effects of a nice Camden lager, it all combined to give the community a more relaxed, gentler feel. Everybody at peace with the world. And all without anyone needing to use a bodhran.

A lovely closing act of worship as we sang "Light up the Fire and let the Flames Burn".

Though I'm reserving judgement in the case of the "Rees Mogg" chilli that Daphne bred, by crossing a Scotch Bonnet with a Scorpion. With its ill-fitting skin and twisted shape, it appears to be mildly ridiculous. But it tastes bitter and has a terrible effect on the body as it works its way through.

In terms of pure Scoville units consumed, Young Keith and Hnaef were clear winners after that Naga-eating competition. They should be the most spiritual people in the Community. But we'll only find out when they emerge from their respective en-suites. That howling some people heard in the night wasn't, as some claimed, the Wild Hunt passing overhead. It was Hnaef having a thoroughly un-spiritual experience.

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