Tuesday 30 July 2019

Nativity of Kate Bush

Beaker Folk Assemble on a Wiley, Windy Moor

All: Wiley?

Archdruid: Yeah I know. Go with it. It's atmospheric.

Haunting Piano Music

Cathy: I'm so cold.

Archdruid: It's Young Keith making all that rain. I told him to stop.
Cloudbusting, Daddy

Wilhelm Reich: I still dream of Orgonon.

Archdruid: Get back in your box, Wilhelm.

Ceremony of Running up that Hill

Archdruid: So after that bit of unexpected exercise, let us focus on our breathing. In.... out.... in.... out....

Wilhelm Reich: In.... out...


Druidic Disciplinary Council Convenes

Charlii: Wilhelm Reich, you have been found of being, frankly, a bit pervy and disgusting. We therefore sentence you to...

Archdruid: The Hounds of Love!

The Hounds of Love are set loose. Unfortunately for Reich, one of them is Rosebud the Rottweiler. Who is older but no less vicious. 

Wilhelm Reich: Is this any way to treat a dead, disgraced genius?  It's enough to make me go back to the spirit world!

Archdruid: Don't give up!

**  BANG  **

Archdruid: What was that?

Hnaef (entering) : Another kanga on the bonnet of me van.

Archdruid: Must have escaped from the Safari Park. Bernie, dinner's arrived.

Bernie: Excellent. I'll whip up a sauce.

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  1. Cruelty to dead people?

    Combined with cruelty to dead Kangeroo's?

    You are a bunch of reprobates.


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