Saturday 13 June 2020

Covid-Secure Pop-up Statue Dunking

By popular demand, for all those who wanted to pull a statue down but weren't allowed due to following the regulations and not wanting to meet Tommy Robinson, we're going to introduce Beaker Covid-Secure Pop-up Statue Dunking.

Thanks to Young Keith who has built the new Remote Statue-Tipper on the edge of the duck pond. Beaker People can download the Statues Must Fall app from the Beaker web store, and bid for the right to press the button that tips the statue into the water.

On the Worzel Gummidge Head principle, I'm glad to confirm we'll be dunking the same statue, but with different features, hourly this weekend, as follows:


12 noon - Pontius Pilate 

1pm - Enoch Powell

2pm - Katie Hopkins

3pm - Christopher Columbus (not the actor the other one)

4pm - Francis Drake

5pm - Dominic Cummings


12 noon - Henry VIII

1pm - Oliver Cromwell

2pm - Oliver Cromwell again (to be on the safe side)

3pm - Capt Bligh of the Bounty

4pm - Clive of India

5pm - Pope John XII

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