Monday 29 June 2020

Recipe for Badger Gin

It's that time of the year when the Internet is full of fruity gins. And people have been asking me for my special traditional recipe for Beaker Badger Gin. Kept a secret for millennia, but sometimes in the greater good, it's best that we share things in these trying times.

Beaker Badger Gin


1 badger
1 litre of gin
Large terracotta beaker


Leave the badger alone.
Drink the gin.
Light a candle in the beaker.

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  1. How did Beaker folk get their name? They all got smashed.....

  2. I have a recipe for homeopathic badger gin which uses fewer badgers. I was going to write "asymptotic ally fewer" but almost resisted the temptation.


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