Monday 8 June 2020

Zoom Liturgy (8 weeks in)

Archdruid: Peace be with you

 All: Can you all go on mute?

All: No, I really meant you.

♫ Bing - Bong 

Archdruid: Sorry, that's my delivery. Young Keith, can you get it? Young Keith? Young Keith?

Young Keith: Sorry, I was on mute. OK. 

Archdruid: Let us hear the words of Isaiah according to the prophet Isaiah. Stacey is reading it.


All: Stacey! You're on mute.

All: Can you all go on mute?

All: No, I really meant you.

Stacey: Sorry, I lost my concentration for a moment. What am I doing?

Archdruid: The Reading.

Stacey: Oh yeah. The words of Isaiah from the book of... what book is it, Eileen?

Archdruid: Isaiah.

Stacey: Can you send me the link?

Archdruid: It's on the screen.

Stacey: Yeah, but I've phoned in.

Isaiah: Can thee get on with it? I'm busy tha knows. In fact, if tha wants doing summat right, that should do it thi'sen.... Say to this nation that they shall be always dialled in, but never listening.
Ever in front of t' screen, but ever looking at their phone.
Ever meant to be joining in t' worship, but ever minimized and looking at some meme on t'Facebook.

Archdruid: That's not Isaiah 6.

Isaiah: Tha's got ter move wit' t'times, lass. 

Young Keith: Got your delivery. It rattles.

Archdruid: Should think it does. It's a crate. 

Stacey: I've dialled back in. Shall I do the reading now?

Archdruid: May the sun rise up behind you, and the skies rain down above you, the road shoot up to biff you.... hang on, this isn't right. Sorry, I thought I could do this from memory.

All: Can you go on mute?

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