Monday, 11 January 2021

Death of Thomas Hardy (1928)

Leaning over a gate

Thomas Hardy

1st Yokel: I see that Thomas Hardy's dead and gone still.

2nd Yokel: Ay, as we all shall be.

1Y: Hast seen that Tess Durbeyfield lately?

2Y: No, er's dead an' all.

1Y: Thought 'twere quiet.

2Y: Ay.

1Y: Shall we to Peter's Finger in Mixen Lane to wet our tnroats?

2Y: Nay. It's closed for cholera.

1Y: Then shall we to Tranter's house? I hear he's got a pretty drop of tipple in.

2Y: Stubbards, Redstreaks, Chesils and Dabs?

1Y: Magners. It's on offer at Tesco in Casterbridge.

2Y: Times do change.

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  1. I was sad to hear of Thomas Hardys death. Because I thought that he died yonks ago. I hope that his family can cope with the Virus funeral arrangements? Maximum of 30 people, those working are not counted. Perhaps the whole wide family can be given a role at the funeral? To get around the regulations? If its good enough for Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson, surely someone as Illustrious at Mr Hardy deserves a State Funeral.


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