Monday, 18 January 2021

Liturgy for Blue Monday

 Hymn:Blue Moon

Archdruid: How does it feel? 

All: Not so bad.

Archdruid: How's the bank balance?

All: In the black, actually. Given we're all middle class, and can work from home, we're saving a fortune in petrol.

Archdruid: So this Monday's not so blue?

All: Just like any other Monday in the last 10 months.

Archdruid: So pretty blue.

All: Mustn't grumble. Been getting a workout in every morning, and we're finished work in time for "Pointless".

Archdruid: Don't you know it's Blue Monday?!

All: Yeah, but known worse.

Hymn: I Wish it Could be Blue Monday every Day

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  1. Blue Monday was a day of results for us. GP's responding to queries about repeat prescriptions and making appointments for blood tests, after us complaining about them never answering their phone. We discovered they had put appointments and repeats online on an obscure NHS website, which they had forgotten to tell any of their patients about, We are going to join their online forum to put our point more forcefully. I know they are busy, but when I visited the practice to get a response, I found six receptionists chatting and it appeared, ignoring ringing phones. I was polite but firm, which achieved the object. I wonder how those who are older and not familiar with websites, will cope. Getting an NHS login requires jumping through hoops and even submitting photo identification as an upload. It is to much to expect people to meet that criteria, these days. GP Reception is a vital service and should be responsive, not referring us to web sites.


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