Monday, 12 April 2021

Commemorating the Pilgrimage of Dominic Cummings to Barnard Castle - 12 April 2020

 A Song of Ascents

Archdruid: I was glad when they said unto me, 

All: let us go for a bit of a drive.

Archdruid: My eyesight seemed a bit weird 

All: And this seemed like the best way to heal it.

Archdruid: And now behold here we are

All: Feeling sick in the park in Barnard Castle.

Archdruid: Barnard Castle is like a castle that is builded on a hill.

All: Actually, that's exactly what it is. Hence the name.

Archdruid: Surely, surely Dominic is a loving father.

All: He did what any loving father would have done.

Archdruid: Drove 2 tons of machinery 25 miles, 

All: with his child in the back,

Archdruid: with dodgy eyesight, carrying a deadly disease.

All: We've all done it.

Archdruid: Thanks all. That's a wrap. 

All: Oh. Aren't we all going to sing "Laudate Dominic"? 

Archdruid: Against the rules. Besides, I've got to edit the blog to make it look like I predicted Covid in 2007.



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