Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Crisis in Authority

Some Moot that was last night.

We've shifted Moots to the first Monday before the full moon, as that gives a pleasing randomness to  the intervals between them. I was hoping that might also disconcert some of the Beaker Folk - a few of whom were likely still to be a bit subdued from a heavy weekend. But no such luck.

Arasporn asked, why couldn't I be a stronger leader? More decisive and less inclined to see both sides of an argument? He said if I didn't pull my finger out and become more authoritative, he'd have to join another neo-post-modernist revivalist congregation. I said had I got this clear that he was ordering me to show leadership? In which case, I refused to do so - instead I suggested the best thing he could do was join the Hedgerow Folk of Cowley, Middlesex.

Left Arasporn in a dilemma, you see. He couldn't do something I suggested - that would mean he was obeying my weak leadership. On the other hand, he couldn't join any other group, as that would mean he had no respect for authority. In the end he decided he would stay, but he will take no notice of what I say in future. So no change there, then.

I think I've said in the past that what most people want, is a strong leader who who happens to agree with them. Those who most fervently believe in the old Beaker saying that "Auntie knows best" are the most likely to get upset when "Auntie" has a view that's different to theirs. At which point it's not their fault for being disobedient - it's mine for not knowing the right way to be a strong leader. It's not easy being the one in charge. But, on the bright side, it's worse being the ones at the bottom. After all, they've got me as a leader.

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