Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Far Ancient Tongues

A strange question from Eileen when I saw her crossing the park earlier. She asked me - if I believe that the Authorised Version of the Bible is the authentic Word of God, why do we use that in worship but do not use the Book of Common Prayer, which is of similar age and language?

My response was simple. The Book of Common Prayer is an example of enforced uniformity, attemptedly imposed upon God's people by a Government that claimed rights over the Church. Clearly it is not to be used.

Whereas the Authorised Bible was authorised by King James. I hope that clears up the difference.


  1. My Dad is a BOCP man and it was when they stopped using it that he stopped going to church regularly. I pointed out that it was akin to saying that we should still worship in Latin. Mind you, I'd think 'text speak' would be going a bit too far. Having said that some of the prayers in the BOCP are very beautiful. I still remember a few I had to memorise at school. Not sure about the storm in a 'D' cup though:-)

    1. On second thoughts, I thought it was better to remove Eileen's comments. I realised they were heavy-handed attempted "jokes".

  2. As someone I know said about a somewhat later work, "What do you mean, they've translated 'Pilgrim's Progress' into English? It's WRITTEN in English!"

  3. I once suggested that our choir sing the Basque Carol in the original basque. One of our members said "Over my dead body!" I think she thought I meant we would sing it wearing tight-laced corsets!
    (Sorry to bring the tone down)


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