Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rites of Spring

The Orchard is bathed in a strange yellow glow as the Beaker Folk assemble in  the Apple Grove.

All: My eyes! My eyes! What is that strange yellow thing?

Archdruid: Behold the Sun! Source of power, life and warmth!

All: Ooh! Sun!

Archdruid: Many generations have laboured through the Endless Winter, awaiting this day. Prophets and Patriarchs longed to see yon golden orb, afloat in an azure sky. Four score years and ten have we yearned for the return of th'celestial fire.

All: It's been a bit parky, we'll give you that.

Archdruid: And now behold! Primroses, daffodowndillies, grape hyacinths and crocuses spring afresh from Mother Nature's womb!

All: Tone it down, Eileen. It's still early.

Archdruid: And so we sprinkle the earth with water, a sign of new life, hope and bountiful benisons!

The sprinklers are switched on. Where the sunlight cuts through the spray, shimmering rainbows dance.

All: Ooh!

Man from the Water Board: I have in my hand two pieces of paper. Behold the new Drought Order, effective from this first day of Springly Sunshine. And behold the fine for the use of a sprinkler system during a drought. Archdruid Eileen, thou'rt bang to rights.

All: It's a fair cop.

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