Friday, 26 April 2013

Seeking the Lost Sheep

Every time. Every time we have a Lunar Eclipse, the Gibbon Moon Folk go missing.

Thing is, they're probably off on Aspley Heath, howling. It can be pretty disturbing, for the dog walkers up there. One year we had to go and collect them from where they'd got chased up a tree by a badger.

Now I know what you're thinking. This isn't a 1970s comedy where people can go missing on the moors. We have mobile phones. We can call them and ask where they are. But these are Gibbon Moon folk, who believe a giant monkey eats the moon every 4 weeks. They eschew the use of mobile phones and anything else that might tend to provide insights from the outside world that would undermine their worldview.

So I probably ought to go and find them. But in these kinds of circumstances, I ask myself - what would John Noakes do? And finding the answer is "do something pointless and dangerous", I've set up a zip-wire from the roof of the Great House and over the Duck Pond. The Beaker Folk will have a bit of fun, and we'll let the Gibbon People come home when they're hungry.

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