Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sex, Dying Churches and Rock + Roll

Just a couple of items off the sidebar to mention.

The first is Maverick Philosopher's take on the infertility argument against same-sex marriage. Interesting, taking it from a secular viewpoint. I guess where I don't follow the argument is the assumption that production of children is the only reason why marriage might be in the State's interest. In theory, the encouragement of stable, loyal relationships would also further the stability of the State by the creation of the extended family networks that marriage causes to exist. Although, to be fair, most Beaker Handfastings end up in an almighty punch-up that is more likely to divide than unite society.

The second is itself a link - though credit, where it is due, to Alan R Bevere, on the Autopsy of a Dead Church, for passing the link on.

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