Monday 18 May 2009

Anniversary of Helen Sharman going into space

Since we couldn't think of anything else to celebrate today, but were feeling in deadly need of cheering up after the Eurovision Song Contest, we thought we'd celebrate the 18th anniversary of Helen Sharman being the first English person (we shun "British", as it has echoes of the hated Celts) into space.
The little gadget that Hnaef put together was supposed to be capable of launching people three or four feet into the air, so they could fall gently onto the big pile of hi-viz we laid down.  After three or four people had been launched for their short flight, I felt it was safe for my archdruidic flight. However. Whether through malice or accident, I could not say.  But the "extra strong" setting seems to have been applied when I sat in the Launch Arm Chair.  Ending up halfway down the Meadow, with the chair still attached to my rear end, was remarkably painful.
I am typing today's missive with a pencil that I am holding between my teeth.  Apparently no bones are broken, just a large degree of bruising.  Apparently the compost heap I landed in helped to break my fall.  I hope to be up and about some time tomorrow.

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