Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wind Chimes

"Can we have some wind chimes, Archdruid?" they asked me.  Why of course, I replied.  What could be more chiming than a little aeolian auditory alliteration, I thought.  The gentle tinkle of wind chimes as the spirit moves them, the silent movement of the breeze which blows where it will turned into a music to soothe the wounded spirit and feed the hunger of love.  Play on, said I.
I suspect that it was Young Keith's intention to make up for the fiasco of the Twiglet wattle and daub.  Maybe that was why he decided to go for it in a big way.  But using scaffold poles as wind chimes was possibly a bit much.  I mean, I didn't want a crane parked in the Community car park.  It's occupying a load of space that we need for parking 4x4s.  On the other hand, you can hear their soothing tones from Woburn .

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  1. Scaffold poles as wind chimes would be quite a sight! You would definitely be challenging the world's largest wind chimes. However, if it would be taking up too much room maybe a smaller set would be more suitable.


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