Saturday, 16 May 2009

More on expenses

Thanks to Drayton Parslow, yet more information has been dragged into the public domain that can only disturb those of uncertain faith and ready cheque books.
Drayton has been asking how I can have claimed expenses for the payment of the mortgage on the Great House, pointing out that my family has lived here since the seventeenth century. I would like to point out that the mortgage was not to pay for the house itself, but rather it has been paying for the building of the Moot House. All that wattle and daub didn't cut itself down and dig itself out of the bed of the brook. We had to pay the finest traditional Beaker craftspeople in the country to carry out this important and sacred act. Likewise, the planting of the new Avenue. Those cedars aren't cheap to import , but without them our ritual pathways would not be complete.
Rumours that I'm planning to completely re-landscape the grounds of the Great House, then liquidate the Beaker Folk and retire in comfort, are completely untrue. As is the suggestion that the Sensory Deprivation Tank I claimed for on expenses was in any way a selfish indulgence. Rather it is where I dream dreams and see visions for the future of our Community.

As is apparently necessary in these hysterical times, I would like to point out that I am in no way guilty of any wrongdoing. Everything I paid for and claimed from Community funds was within the rules. It is the System that has failed. I am sorry.
I hope this is all now at an end.


  1. It depends, was the relanscaping of the grounds due to contain a tea-light sculpture?

  2. and yes I meant re-landscaping


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