Tuesday 26 May 2009

Rain stopped play

Thanks to ongoing sunburn problems I'm pleased to say that I missed out on last night's culminating New Moon ceremonies.  The people at the Watching Post got absolutely drenched last night.  Turns out that it had also been re-thatched with Twiglets.  There seems no chance of them seeing the first glint of the New Moon for weeks at this rate.  Still, what would a religion be without rules?  They're just going to have to stay out there.
Interesting developments on the Moot House front.  In accordance with tradition, the Moot House is dug four feet below the level of the surrounding land, allowing us to rise up - as from the dead - to greet the rising sun, and to descend to the depths with it as it sinks.  However with all this rain it and the lack of a roof it is now full of rainwater.  It is therefore with a heavy heart that I once again announce that all Moot House-based ceremonies will take place in the Dining Hall of the Great House.  In the meantime the Moot House is being used by six frustrated male mallards and a bunch of over-enthusiastic anabaptists.  I wouldn't go too close -you could end up unexpectedly falling into a new religion.


  1. I suspect those mallards are excited about all the tasty little mennos.

  2. why don't you just heat the water and use it as a swimming pool, great for midnight bathing, open air and no need for more twiglets...

    and while you are at it, build those poor ducks an island, I am sure you could claim it on expenses!


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