Monday, 11 May 2009

Waning Moon

I hate it when the weather's good at full moon.  Obviously, it's just an encouragement to the Fertility Folk to head into the woods, but then they're equally as likely to do that at any other phase of the moon and in any weather conditions.
No, it's all the rest. All these long evenings are encouraging our Folk to sit around outside the White Horse late into the night, chewing over theological conundrums such as the liminal nature of the Self-Supporting Druid, whether Swine Flu is a divine punishment for Simon Cowell, and whether Liverpool will ever win the Premier League until they adopt the 4-4-2 formation.  Whatever that is.
If such Beaker People were quiet, I'd probably quietly overlook it.  Trouble is, they wander back late at night, singing bawdy folk songs and attempting, badly, to play the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer.  Which is not, let's face it, a traditional Beaker instrument.
So steps need to be taken.  As of tomorrow morning, we are introducing a new service of Sunrise Observance.  I expect to see you all down the Orchard at 5am tomorrow, clad in green hi-vis and with garlands in your hair*.  Then we'll see who can last the pace.

* Garlands available at the 24-hour Beakerama, £7.50.

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  1. There was a scarecrow wearing a high viz vest in a field at Ditchingham this weekend.... either that or it was a warning to those Beaker folk whose late night observances had got to out of hand....


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