Tuesday 5 May 2009

Charitable Endeavours

Here at the Husborne Crawley Beaker People, we realised that we spend quite a lot of our time focussing on self-fulfilment and self-satisfaction.  Some might call us selfish, or self-centered.  We realise that it is time to engage with the needs of the world around us.
To this end, we have founded a new charitable enterprise.  We call it BUGFAW. Realising that there are many sufferers from mild depression in the Husborne Crawley area, we are dedicated to going round to their houses and telling them "Buck up and go for a walk!"  We would like to report that this radical approach to mental health was showing exciting results.  However the opposite is currently the case.  Mostly people slam the door in our volunteers' faces, while on one occasion things turned violent.  Other people might think their methodology is lacking under this lack of success.  However we are aware that the government thinks this kind of exciting, cutting-edge and above all low-cost approach is worth persevering with.  So we're gonna keep at it, even if we have to shout through their letter-boxes.  Let the grants roll in!

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  1. sounds like asplendid idea, sure to bring in plenty of grants.


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