Friday, 16 September 2011


So we struggled through to the end of Churchwood last night. The series about the religious community led by the strangely androgynous Revd 'Jack' Harkness. Who defies conventionality by not sleeping with anybody.

This latest series, "No-miracles Day", was a little odd though. How could there be a church where no-one was ever saved? Even if, for regions of diversity and economics, it was in Wales? Was it linked to Revd Jack's refusal to preach the Gospel on the grounds that it might be offensive to people who didn't believe it, or who belonged to other religions? And what strange power was it that caused Revd Jack's sermons apparently to go on forever?

I'm afraid by the end I was just hoping for something - anything to happen. Even if it was an invasion by those arch-villains from the spin-off, Revd Who? I quite like those Calvinist Daleks, with their blood-curdling cry "Predestinate! Predestinate!"

So I won't be tuning into the next series of Churchwood. But the actor who plays Revd Jack seems to be everywhere at the moment. Next week he's on Strictly Presbyterian. I think I'll give it a miss.

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