Sunday, 19 May 2019

No Sex, no Drugs, no King of Rock n Roll

I'd like to pass on Zybil's apologies for what turned out to be a fairly poor attempt at a meditation session, 1988-style, earlier.

I mean, it's been an overcast day and it's just plain gray and wet now. So it was right we tried to lighten the state. And we wanted to get people into a better mood. Everyone was as limp as the weather.

But the aim was, through the repetition of a phrase, to loosen oneself from one's earthly cares and enter into the rhythm of the universe. And I'll be honest, if you're going to do that, the one phrase that probably isn't going to work is "Hot Dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque".

Apart from Hnaef, that is. I wandered past five minutes ago and he appears to have reached the spiritually enlightened phase that is known in this particular method as "Senior Sprout".

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