Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Theresa May's Grasp on Football

Others have no doubt said this more eloquently than I will, but I don't care.

There's a few problems with her analogy.

Liverpool's goals were scored by a Belgian and a Netherlander. The rock at the middle of the defence is another man from the Netherlands. Energy, commitment and leadership came from two Englishmen.

This pan-European mixture gives space and inspiration- and the opportunity to succeed - to two brilliant young British full backs.

The team is managed by a German who loves the English way of playing football.

And after 90 minutes of blood, sweat, skill and gut-wrenching excitement what is the prize?

We're still in Europe. Which is appropriate. Because you could say this is the model of what Europe is all about. Combining the talents of many nations so, together, we're all stronger. And we excel on the international stage.

So yes, please Mrs May. Be inspired by Liverpool.

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  1. Congratulations to the Reds on an amazing comeback. I won’t pretend I’m delighted about it, but [he mutters, through gritted teeth] "well done". “Speak up!” – OK, OK, I said well done, didn’t I?

    But, but… I have some difficulty with your Anna Soubry’s Heroes construct. The majority of Liverpool’s first-team players are either British or non-EU players. This clearly strengthens the case for a recruitment policy based on WTO lines. I’m not sure about Robertson’s status because if Nicola Crankie-Sturgeon has her way he may soon be in a separate country which may or not be in the EU? Complicated business, this politics, eh?

    Speaking as a Spurs fan this doesn't affect us, as we don't buy any players.


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