Sunday, 5 May 2019

Sydney Carter Free Zone

In the light of this evening's "Pointless Celebrities", in which the "Crappy Folk Song Masquerading as a Hymn Which is Actually a Syncretic Abomination" (aka Lord of the Dance) was mentioned, a reminder.

The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley has been a Sydney Carter Free Zone since 2011.  Anyone even humming "When I needed a neighbour" is still subject to a consignment to the Doily Mines of a time of at least, but not limited to, forever.

It's got so, when couples come requesting a handfasting ceremony (available to people of all sexual orientation and nuns) or thanksgiving for a child / pet / new set of Tefal, I always hold it in the Orchard, conveniently situated for those water cannons I bought from Sadiq Khan. There's nothing like a high-pressure hosing down to bring them back, spluttering, to agree to something else less troubling and more theologically orthodox, such as "If I were a Butterfly".

There is, I have to say, one MP3 of "Lord of the Dance" on the Beaker central server. In the event of a serious outbreak of public disturbance or other catastrophe caused by nuclear war, meteor strike or Brexit, we will put it on full volume on the full Radio Beaker network. At least it will take our minds off our other woes.

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  1. I danced in the morning when the world was young..." is an intestinal part of the Christmas Revels nationwide in the USA at er...Christmastide. gone almost every year in Tacoma WA, and loved it always. Check out


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