Monday, 13 May 2019

The Rainbow Sandwich

Cherry picking in the extreme (maybe even cherry tomato-picking) from the "Christian Institute" as they comment on Marks & Spencer's inclusive sandwich, the Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato. There's a lovely picture of it here at the Independent.

The Institute tells us that "critics, including some LGBT supporters" say the sandwich has missed the mark.

Now there may be some valid, reasoned criticism. Including from LGBT supporters. The Independent link above actually tries. But the complaints actually cited are from Piers Morgan, who normally prefers gammon with a chip, and "one Twitter user".

Just the one, apparently. Out of Twitter's millions. The Daily Mail* further tells us that the sandwich has been criticised by Piers Morgan on Twitter. Which suggests that the Christian Institute's Venn Diagram of people who complain about the sandwich - "Piers Morgan" and " one Twitter user" is actually even less complicated (and less numerous) than the Christian Institute would lead you to believe.

I guess what I ask myself is this. If you're making an inclusive sandwich, do you think one containing guacamole is going to make much traction outside the M25?

And if you're really being really inclusive, would you put bacon in it?

* The link's here but you probably don't want to use it.

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  1. Waitrose are bringing out their own LBGTQ version featuring quinoa.

  2. Not a clue what you are on about, but if Mr Morgan is against it, than it must be OK.


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