Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Bellowing at Badgers Service

Afraid the "Bellowing at Badgers" worship didn't work out quite as expected.

The badger, being the very essence of evil in the Beaker mythos, deserves to be bellowed at, as a sign of defiance against all things malevolent. However, in order for the bellowing to be successful, it is necessary that a badger or two actually appear. We think they may have gone off to assist with a locked-down archaeological dig. It's not well known that badgers are a great help to archaeologists, especially when they're socially distanced. And they look like they're wearing masks, which is useful. Badgers, that is. Not archaeologists. Mind you, with those beards the blokes wear...

Anyway, we couldn't bellow at badgers. So we had to howl at an owl.

You've got to run with what you're given, these days.

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