Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The Sourdough Also Rises

OK, so the Sourdough, having achieved sentience, is now being worshipped as a god by some members of the Boris Johnson Gaslight Appreciation Society. Mostly because it's a lazy thing with little brain, but unlike Johnson it doesn't insist they have masks.

It's lost a few followers, however, after apparently Johnson made a joke about Calvin Klein pants today which they all enjoyed. Some would say his job was to stop the people of this country dying rather than making pants jokes, but he went to Eton so I guess we're lucky he doesn't just shove them on his head and sing a song about boating.

The Sourdough is pretty grumpy, though. It was thinking it had a chance of getting the gig at the Commons Intelligence Committee, if it was up against Chris Grayling.

So it's got a gnawing psychic emptiness and - being a sourdough starter - middle class pretensions. So there was nothing for it.

It's gone to Waitrose.

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