Sunday, 12 July 2020

Pray for Ashford

Today we pray for the people of Ashford, who have woken up to discover that the Government has bought a big chunk of land to park lorries when Brexit goes wrong. Or possibly, right.

When they were told there was no downside, only an upside, it didn't occur to the people of Ashford that living in a permanently-choked bottleneck was an upside. That not being able to nip down the road to pick up some milk without waiting behind a queue of lorries was part of the sunlit uplands.

I mean, apart from a Channel Tunnel terminal right there, in Ashford, whoever thought that it was on the route into England from France? Who could possibly have imagined that voting to leave the EU might have bad consequences? Apart from the 40 per cent of Ashfordians who maybe thought leaving was a bad idea. And yet they will still get the blame when it goes wrong. That's how Brexit is designed to work.

And so we pray for Ashford. They thought they were proving they believed in democracy, not rule by diktat. And now somebody has dumped a lorry park on them at ten minute's notice.

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  1. Not just Ashford, all of the communities down to Dover suffer when there is a backlog on the M2/A2/M20. They were supposed to be using Manston airport as the Lorry Park> What has changed? Ashford in a growing community with plans for housing developments, perhaps the Lorry Park will put paid to the plans, who'd want to develop beside a mega lorry park?


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