Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Rise of the Sourdough

OK bit scary this.

I know lockdown has been a long time. Especially with the progressive, and progressively more confusing advice, instructions, and laws from Government and assorted hangers-on.

But it seems to have hit Bernie, the Community cook, worse than others. He's lost so much of the fun of running a catering establishment in a coenobitic paradigm. All the chat over the warming pans, dealing with 117 different alleged food intolerances. When we banned everyone from the dining room, he may have looked amusing delivering meals to rooms dressed in his hazmat suit, but it wasn't much fun for Bernie.

And since we banned him having any assistance, he took to sleeping under the sink, only leaving the kitchen to deliver meals and receive deliveries or pick herbs in the garden. It's been 4 months solid now.

It makes you lonely. So at some point he started talking to the sourdough starter.

He was really proud of himself, getting the starter going. Feeding it every day. Producing that wonderful artisanal bread.

But he seems to have shared his feelings with it one too many times. And today it talked back.

We've thrown a cordon  around the kitchen area while we get some specialist sourdough interlocutors in. They're not as uncommon as you might imagine. We're hoping by tea time we might get some idea of what its demands are.  Meantime, order yourselves pizza.

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  1. maybe the sourdough starter will develop into a Golum


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