Friday, 16 March 2012

Gospel Friday

Today is a day of decision. A day of changing lives.

Today is a day of history. A day of a new dawn.

For today I am going once again to spread the Good News to the people of Dunstable.

I shall be more careful in the message I spread there this time, as the Spirit wills. Last time I preached at the Eleanor Cross (which I expected be a carefully-preserved monument, but turned out to be a shopping centre). I told those Dunstablians who would listen that there was A Better Place. But they all thought I meant Caddington.

The (small-"g") good news, however, is that the people of Dunstable understand the concept of eternity - as they told me that was how long they had been waiting for somebody to reinstate their train line.

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  1. I understand the concept of infinite - like the infinite stupidity I exhibited by not transferring the land on which we built the house into my name BEFORE we got planning permission and building on it. The consequence now is that the transfer value is infinitely more now than the half groat it was previously valued at, meaning it could well attract stamp duty when valued next week.


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