Friday, 9 March 2012

One Direction

I'd never realised the sheer power of One Direction before.

But David Cloake inspires me. Since mentioning One Direction on his blog (and saying "One Direction" repeatedly) he's been getting 7,000 hits a day. Which suggests maybe he should give up on vicaring and start managing a boy-band.

Oh well, as they said in my era, the Only Way is Up. I suppose that's one direction.


  1. The power of eavesdropping twitter conversations. God here first. And not sure who or what First Direction are? Sounds like something a Policeman gives you after an unfortunate episode in the street.

  2. Yes, fair enough, but if there is only one direction in which to go, surely by definition, that cannot be a direction. Because for something to be a specific direction, there must surely have to be a choice of an alternative direction in which one can direct one's direction. Do you see? Similar to the if a tree falls to the ground in a forest yet there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound, question. One's first direction, therefore, must in absence of other suitably directed or directive directions in which to direct oneself be the Only direction, as opposed to merely One Direction.

    Do you get the direction in which I'm directing the direction of this conversation?

    Ah... now I see what you mean. Nah! Give me The Osmonds any day...

    1. I'm sorry, I even pre-date the Osmonds. My children seemed to like them a lot. I can only go in one direction, which is towards the fifties and sixties music and groups and individual singers who rock my boat. One other direction would be an acquired taste in Traditional Jazz, through Acker Bulk (sorry Bilk) and Kenny Ball. Real Jazz from the likes of John Dankworth and Cleo Laine was a bit above my head, probably for the 'Parkinson' generation.

      One direction I now understand to be a modern day, youth band of some sort. My granddaughter informs me (she is 16) that they are pretty naff, being very goody 2 shoes!

      So One Direction is definitely not the Rolling Stones.

  3. Take that
    The Police
    Debbie Does Dallas

    ... Happy to help the speriment


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