Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Perfect Reading for PCC Members (advertorial)

After two months on sale, "Writes of the Church" has found itself an "Often Bought With" buddy on Amazon. 

But it's quite a strange one. I know that algorithms can be odd, so I'll share the screen shot in case you get something else.

See, I'd expect that "Writes of the Church" would often be bought along with something from Dave Walker's fine selection of cartoon books. And indeed sometimes that is exactly what happens.

But the perfect buddy for "Writes of the Church?"

That's right. "The PCC Member's Essential Guide."

Now, strictly speaking this title is wrong. I can confirm that no guide is actually essential to being a PCC member. You can just turn up and say the last vicar was better, without any training at all. But I think the link marketing here is really key.

If you are on a PCC, buy "Writes of the Church." If nothing else, it will give you something to read during the meeting.

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  1. Shameless advertising and promotion. I have enough to read at PCC, without the extras. And surely, 'Writes of the Church' should be read in twilight behind closed curtains, given it's insight into the lives of the many strange parishioners who write to the church magazine.


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