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Monday, 13 November 2017

New Dress Code for Beaker School Children

The Daily Mail reports that boys will be allowed to wear tiaras at school. Reading the Church of England's actual report, it is clear that this is part of Church of England guidance on reducing bullying on the basis of real or alleged gender and sexual orientation.

I won't bother to tell you much about the Mail's article - you can read it if you really want. But it's using a scare headline, obviously. And then sets out bullying of minorities against the C of E's rules on marriage. As if it thinks the ban on gay people marrying each other somehow means beating up gay children is alright.

The actual C of E report is here - but in order not to be trashed by the Daily Mail, we have decided to create a new dress code for the Little Pebbles so they can avoid any kind of gender confusion.
Boys' Uniform 
Hobnailed boots, camouflage trousers, tops in the style of an appropriate masculine super hero (Superman, Spiderman, David Davis etc).  Caps in association with appropriate football teams.
Girls' Uniform 
Sparkly shoes - high heeled, as they may as well get used to them early. Outfits to be either Elsa or Anna from "Frozen". Tiaras.
Gay Children 
As for their identified gender, but with an appropriate triangle.
 Transgender Children / Those with indeterminate gender
To be taught in a special room on their own, so as not to confuse anybody else.
I hope this is clear. We will not tolerate bullying under any circumstances. So it is important we are rigidly clear in our definitions, so we know what bullying we are not tolerating at any given time.


  1. Flashlight Annie13/11/2017, 13:28

    Slightly off the point but can anyone tell me what the 'A' stands for in LGBTQIA stands for?

    1. Asexual I guess. People who have no interest in sex.

  2. The Guardian has an equally (to me, anyway) fatuous article - first lambasting the Daily Mail for its article and then lambasting the CofE for presuming to try to control/eliminate gender bullying. The CofE just can't win with some people, most of whom write for the Guardian and the Mail.

  3. Who makes all this stuff up. In our Victorian society, we don't have the issues as we're too busy clearing the slums and building for the future of the Empire.

    And the only paper with any sort of social commentary, it the Times social list of royalty and nobility - no time to read anything else, as I'm working an 18 hour day in the Mill and spending the rest of the time at the Pub/Music Hall. And some of those Music Hall artistes are quite risque, showing an ankle or two.


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