Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Burying the Good News

Typical of the Government to get the details of the Royal Wedding announced on the same day that Katie Hopkins "left" the Mail Online, and started deleting all her tweets. Except the one linking to news of yet another pile of compensation she's cost. Maybe the legal bills were starting to outweigh the clickbait advertising income.

However it's probably too late to remove the tweets. The people hitting the PrtScr button are as the Recording Angel when it comes to celebrities on Twitter.

Katie is apparently off, from her few remaining tweets, to a platform where, when she tweets something Islamophobic or hateful, people don't call her hateful or an Islamophobe. I take it that, in whatever place she finds herself, people who find the views she expresses repulsive won't be allowed in. Some comments Groucho Marx once made about being a member of a club spring to mind.

Much has been made of the issue of mixed race in the Meghan - Harry Windsor engagement, to which one of Katie Hopkins's tweets refer/referred. And we shouldn't pretend this isn't a problem. After all, he's got a serious mix of Welsh, Scottish, German, Dutch and Greek blood. But the good news is that Meghan, at least, descends from some English people on her dad's side. So that's good.

Want a good laugh? Want to laugh at the church? Want to be secretly suspicious that the author has been sitting in your church committee meetings taking notes? Then Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews is probably the book for you.

An excellent book for your churchgoing friends, relatives or vicar. And don't forget it's nearly Christmas!

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  1. I was elated to see that Ms Hopkins was sacked by the Daily Smell online. She can now wander off into the wilderness of outrages of Tonbridge Wells, or wherever she lives. And good riddance.


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