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Monday, 6 November 2017

Liturgy of the First Frosty Morning Service

Archdruid: Morning. Cold one.

Hnaef: Brrr yep.

Both may stamp their feet and/or rub their hands together. 

Archdruid: Just us two then?

Hnaef: Yep. The Faithful Few.

Archdruid: Shall we keep it short? Just pour out the Beakers and get some breakfast?

Hnaef: Sounds good to me.

Archdruid: OK. Let's crack on.

They pour out the beakers.

Archdruid: Is it meant to "thud" like that?

Hnaef: I said it was a cold one.

Archdruid: OK. May the sun be on your hat, and the frost around your ears. May be bike tyres be fully pumped, and your LED lights still have some charge. May the road be soft to meet you, should you fall off.

Hnaef: There and back again.

Both: Amen.

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