Monday, 20 November 2017

Liturgy of our Deepest Expressions of Self

I've got to say, I've ever seen a well-rounded act of worship as last night's "Liturgy of our Deepest Expressions of Self." In many ways it was the outworking of the vision we had when we set up the Beaker Folk.

In this postmodern world, we know that the deepest expression of  anyone's self is going to be tailored, self-curated, basically deeply individual. So to do this in the context of an act of collective worship - which is by its nature corporate - we had to break up the act of worship into a number of "Me Stations."

The "Rainbow Station," for instance, was a joyous place dedicated to the idea that I don't have to be like you; and I also don't have to be like you. A celebration of diversity, love and difference. Where you don't even need to encounter other people.

While the "Truth Station" was dedicated to the hard Gospel Truth - that everyone has to be like me. Or possibly you. A clever piece of software took the worshipper's face and projected it onto everybody in a virtual congregation, while the worshipper listened to their - or more likely his - favourite piece of Worship music.

The "World Worship Station" led to some confusion.  Some Beaker Folk thought it was about worshipping in the style of the Rend Collective or some Peruvian folk base community. But no. It was pantheism all the way down.

And then the authentic Good Ol' Boy American Midwest-Style station. Who would have thought that shooting at tin cans and handling virtual poisonous snakes while being sneered at by New Yorkers could be such fun?

And it's given me some real pause for thought. If we can provide such immersive worship experiences why does the congregation need to get together? All that co-ordination, compromise and unwanted hugging can he avoided.

So from now on all Beaker worship is being provided via the BeakerWeb. People can stay in their rooms and take part.

And I can flog the Moot House off for redevelopment.

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